The Sci Fi channel’s Roswell Dig findings finally come to light

You may remember the Sci Fi channel’s documentary hosted by Bryant Gumble called The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence. A big part of the show is known as the Roswell Dig. Headed by University of New Mexico archeologist, Dr. Bill Doleman, Roswell researchers Don Schmidt, Tom Carey, Chuck Zukowski, and Debbie Ziegelmeier along with other volunteers went to the place they believed was the most likely site of the famous alleged UFO crash in 1947.

There are actually several possible sites, and most experts agree that the site people pay to tour is not the correct site. Sci Fi gathered some of the top Roswell experts, so there is a lot of evidence that lead them to the spot where they set up their dig, and it is still an undisclosed area that only a few insiders know about.

At the site, they put together a professional archeological dig aimed at finding debris left behind by the alleged military clean-up crews that whisked away any evidence of a crash. The show periodically caught up with the dig site workers, making you think that they would reveal a “startling” find. In the end they did find some small items that the show of course made a big deal about, but the show ended without any real analysis of the items, promising that it would be included in the next exciting episode.

Unfortunately, NBC soon bought the Sci Fi channel and canceled any further dig episodes. There was a follow up show as part of a Sci Fi series called Sci Fi investigates. Dr. Doleman and crew went back, but no analysis was presented.

So every once in awhile someone will ask me in an interview or just in passing if I know what happened to that debris and if it was ever analyzed. I have had the same question. Luckily, I work closely with Chuck Zukowski, who is a MUFON investigator in Colorado, and his sister Debbie Ziegelmeier who is a MUFON state director in Missouri. There was a book published by the Sci Fi channel called The Roswell Dig Diary and some of their notes can be found in it.

This team of sibling investigators has been keeping track of the items that were found. After the show, the items were put into storage at the University of New Mexico. The dig was actually in an area managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), so they are the official owners of them. However, there had been talk of possibly getting the materials analyzed to do another show. Just in case there was going to be another show, it was kept in storage at UNM. Finally, the idea of a show was dumped. Zukowski and Ziegelmeier then worked with Dr. Doleman to get the proper paperwork filled out to be able to get analysis done. Finally, after years in storage they were able to get the permission they had sought.

Last month Dr. Doleman, Zukowksi, and Ziegelmeier held a press conference in Roswell announcing that they were ready to pursue funding to get analysis done. Now they are working with interested parties to get the analysis completed, and I will share a sneak peek into the materials with you.

One question did arise, and that was if what was found is worth analyzing. Some claimed that the materials were mundane and that the analysis already completed was sufficient and pointed to nothing special. In response to this Dr. Doleman wrote up a paper listing the items, what they might be, and the analysis that has been done thus far.

Among the items are: rubber from the sole of a shoe, shoe leather, unidentified fibers, clothing thread, burnt rock some with fibers on them, plastic tube, a piece of gray material that is possibly from tape or a trash bag, translucent white plastic, and some orange plastic like material. Perhaps this doesn’t sound too exciting. However, this was all in the middle of the desert where there is little to no human traffic.

Dr. Doleman wrote:

“In summary, artifacts from five different excavated study units on the Foster Ranch “debris site” warrant further study by the appropriate scientists using appropriate analytical techniques. Better identification—and dating where possible—is necessary to conclusively determine is any of the items could be of non-terrestrial origin. Alternatively, if the artifacts are of modern origin, knowledge of their age and origin might increase knowledge of the events of 1947 and offer invaluable insight into the site’s history.”

In his paper he argues that the site should be treated like a crime site. Further insight into what might have happened there, especially given the extraordinary claims, would be invaluable. What if the thread of the shoe rubber is military issue? What if what appears to be plastic is not?

From all of the questions I have received as to the status of this debris, there is certainly interest out there. Just for the sake of wrapping up this whole Roswell Dig saga, it would be great to hear the final word on this material, and glean whatever can be discovered. The implications of what might have happened out in the desert in 1947 truly are startling.

You can read Dr. Doleman’s full report here, along with pictures of the material.

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